Cleaning Your Tongue For Fresh Breath

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Did you know that your tongue’s surface is the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria? These are the same bacteria that attack your teeth and gums causing tooth cavities and periodontal disease.  Bacteria  give off toxins in your mouth that in turn produce foul smelling gases.

Most people are aware of the importance of brushing and flossing but a simple “scraping” of your tongue twice a day can reduce bad breath odors. Studies have shown this can reach as high as a 75% reduction in odors emanating from the mouth.

A dental myth widely believed is that the stomach is the root cause of bad breath. Bad breath directly caused from the stomach is so rare that of a thousand people treated for bad breath not a single case was caused by underlying stomach issues.

Tooth brushing and most mouthwashes do nothing to remove oral debris and dead cells on the tongue, the root cause of bad breath. The most you can hope for from them, is to mask the bad breath for a short while. A combination of methods works best and this should include brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaningTongue cleaning can show a huge improvement in one’s breath almost immediately.

What causes bad breath?

Most often bad breath originates in your gums and on your tongue. It is caused by wastes in the mouth, periodontal disease, decayed tooth particles, debris in the mouth, and poor oral hygiene. The decay and debris can produce a chemical compound that creates the unpleasant odor. 

Bad breath and also occurs in people with systemic disease and other medical conditions. Some of these include: diabetes, kidney failure, and liver malfunction. Stress, dieting, snoring, age, and hormonal changes can all have an affect on your breath. dry mouth and tobacco use are also other common causes.

Steps to Tongue Cleaning for Fresher Breath

Follow these steps to make sure you clean your tongue effectively:

1. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Force yourself to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth. Continue to focus on your breathing as you clean your tongue.
2. Place the tongue scraper on the back left side of the tongue. Press down gently on the scraper so that it causes the tongue to flatten.
3. Slowly pull the scraper forward across the surface of the tongue until you reach the tip of the tongue. Place the scraper under a stream of water to clear it of debris.
4. Place the scraper on the back middle section of the tongue. Repeat the scraping process and rinse the scraper. Place the tongue scraper in the back right corner of the tongue and repeat the process.
5. Repeat cleaning each section of the tongue until you no longer notice debris on the scraper when removed.

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