Marijuana can be harmful to your teeth

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marijuana won’t have as dramatic, serious effects on your teeth as a drug like methamphetamines, it can still mean bad news for your oral health. Similar to smoking tobacco, regular marijuana smoking can cause gum disease and other dental health … Continued

Dental Fluoride

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What should I know about fluoride? Fluoride, along with other minerals like calcium and phosphate, helps with the remineralization process. When you consume food or drinks besides water, the acids from plaque and sugars attack your teeth’s enamel. Remineralization helps … Continued

Why tobacco is bad for your oral health

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It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your overall health but using tobacco products can have serious consequences on your oral health, too.It’s been proven to cause cancer, respiratory ailments and heart disease.But as if that weren’t bad enough, … Continued

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