Trick That Will Make You A Better Brusher

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Young beautiful mother and her little daughter brushing teeth and laughing

If you’re already brushing your teeth at least twice per day, you’re in great shape in terms of dental habits. But did you know you could get even more out of your brushing routine by making a few small tweaks in your method.This advice is so simple it barely qualifies as advice, but it’s a great way make sure you’re cleaning your whole mouth. Next time you go to brush, start someplace different.

Well, that’s almost it. Do that same thing every time, so that every time you brush, you start in a different place. Starting your brushing routing in a different spot in your mouth each time ensures that no area goes neglected. That’s important, since neglected areas of the mouth are where bacteria can build up and produce acids that eat away at your teeth.

Where you start and where you end

Another simple piece of advice that makes for a distracting if not fun mind game is to start and end your brushing cycles on different teeth each time you brush.  Make it a point to start at your front teeth and end at your back molar.  Pick a new starting and beginning point each and every time.  Go in different directions and make different sized circles.  The goal here is to ensure that no area of your mouth ever goes neglected by your brush.  Sometimes we get into the habit of brushing a certain way and when we consistently miss a spot, acid and bacteria set in and start to cause decay.  Missed spots equal cavities, so make an effort not to miss any, even the ones you might think you’re hitting!


Many a days, you just want to call it quits but you can’t as it is your toddler’s dental health at stake. So, what do you do? You have no idea how to deal with your toddler in such a case. Well, here are some tips and tricks to get your toddler to brush his teeth properly. It’s takes a little patience but you will get the best results at the end of the day.

Paint your teeth

This trick to brushing your teeth was created to get my patients to understand that most of the time, they are brushing too hard.  I like to ask my patients to bring their toothbrushes into their appointments with them so I can see how they are brushing.  Just the fact that I’m checking up on their brushing habits is often enough to get many to brush more diligently.  But another thing I noticed was that people brought in toothbrushes that looked as if they’d been used to scrub toilets.  After asking them to brush in front of me to make sure these weren’t really used on toilets, what I found was that many patients brushed too hard.  Force doesn’t remove plaque it removes the protective enamel from your teeth.  To counter this, I simply have my hard brushing patients “paint” their teeth by holding their brushes like a paintbrush (or a pencil if that helps you get the idea). The goal of brushing is to have a 45-degree angle against your teeth and gums with the brush and then gently move the brush in circles to remove debris and buildup.  Don’t go back and forth.

Brushing Made Fun

One of the trick for making your child brush is to make it a fun activity. The more it becomes an ordeal the less interested they are in that activity. You can run their favorite music while they are brushing. You can even make them shake their hips to the favorite song while brushing. When you ask them to do something so interesting, you will have them doing the task happily.

Brush & Paste

The brush and paste play an important role in getting your kids interested in some hygiene habits. You would need to get a brush that appears funky and cool. It should definitely attract your kids attention. So, when you call your child to brush, hold up that lovely brush. Attracted, he would definitely insist on brushing. Another tip to get your toddler to brush is to get a paste that tastes good. Make sure the color of the paste is attractive and it does not possess fluoride which is harmful for kids. 

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