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Our Doctors

Dr. Anne-Marie Nafash, Belgian Dr. Anne-Marie Nafash, (Orthodontist)
Earned her DDS in 1999 from the renowned “Université Catholique de Louvain” in Belgium. In 2012 she earned a Certificate of Specialization in Orthodontics from Malmö University (Sweden) and a Master degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the European University College.

Dr. Anne-Marie has 15 years of work experience in private practices in Belgium and United Arab Emirates, her academic background and vast experience provide her the skills in planning effective orthodontic treatments for both adults and children.

She dealt with a wide range of dental and occlusal problems applying a variety of treatment methods such as MBT system appliances and philosophy, clear aligners, temporary anchorage devices and Lingual orthodontics.

She has a special interest in interceptive Orthodontic treatments in young children using functional appliances, face mask, head gears and diverse types of removable appliances and habit breaker appliances.

Dr. Anne-Marie comes from a multi-cultural background and has a strong ability to break down cross-cultural communication barriers; she speaks French, English, Armenian and Farsi.

Dr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz General DentistDr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz (General Dentist)
Dr. Florian Trifan Bretz is a general Dentist. He graduated from the University of Dental Medicine (Justus-Liebig University) in Giessen Germany with the Degree Doctor of Dental Medicine. He gained his 21 years of experience in his private clinic in Frankfurt Germany .

He participated in a number of dental congresses and courses in implants , aesthetic dentistry, endodontic dentistry, he get the Master of Science Implantology in 2008 in the University of Dental Medicine ( in Krems Austria ) . He moved to Dubai in October 2011 and been working in Dubai Health Care City since then. He is now part of our dental team in German Dental Oasis as a general dentist.

Dr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz General DentistDr. Ingrid Susann Kohler (General Dentist)
Dr. Ingrid Susann Kohler worked for 20 years in her own dental clinic as a General Dentist in Germany. She graduated from Medical Academy °Carl Gustav Carus'' in Dresden.

She is a dentist with the attention to treat the patient in a natural way, to keep or to restore a healthy state in the mouth and in this matter to help the patient to regain his health.

Hippocrates, well known as the founder of medicine as rational science explained: “Health starts in our mouth". Dr. Susann is very experienced in pain management with keeping the tooth alive. Her priority is to restore the tooth for both functional and aesthetic purposes. She has a wide range of experience in prosthodontics, periodontics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and in treating the temporomandibular joint. Her natural approach to the required need of the patient (children, grown-ups, adults) guarantees that the solution will be in harmony with the whole body. The treatment of the ternporomandibular joint with a special mouth device, Dr. Susan ri explains it is possible to protect the teeth and to achieve a stress and pain release in the area of the mouth, the head and also in every area of your body, if the patient is ready to expand his/her mindset in an appreciative way.

Dr. Ingrid Susann Kohler speaks German and English.

Dr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz General DentistDr. Marat Azizov (General Dentist)
Dr. Marat Azizov earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Azerbaijan Medical University 2005. He has more than 15 years of professional dental experience in his home country, Sharjah, and Dubai. Dr. Marat Azizov field of interest is restorative dentistry such as operative dentistry, endodontics, crowns, bridges, and dental implants. He is also interested in teaching at different field of dentistry.

Dr. Marat Azizov speaks English, Russian, and Turkish.

Dr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz General DentistDR. Agnieszka Bortnik (General Dentist)
Dr. Agnieszka Bortnik is a general dentist who graduated from the Medical University in Warsaw, Poland in 2001 (Doctor in Dental Medicine,DDS).

She has over 18 years of experience working both in Europe and Dubai. 3 years after completing her degree she moved to the UK (worked as a general dental practitioner in both NHS and private practice for 9 years) and in 2014 she moved to Dubai (has been working in DHCC since 2015)

Dr. Agnieszka likes to think of herself as a family dentist and especially enjoys providing restorative treatment to her patients both adults and children.

Dr. Agnieszka Bortnik speaks English and Polish.

Dr. Michael Florian Trifan Bretz General DentistDr. Aiman Obeid (Orthodontist)
Dr. Aiman Obeid earned his DDS from Syria, and worked as a GP dentist in his own medical center for 2 years then he followed his interest to be an orthodontist and found in Belarus his goal where he became a specialist orthodontist after 4 years of intensive work and practice in functional treatment, fixed appliance and orthodontic cases associated with orthognathic surgery in the main governmental hospital in the Capital Minsk which belongs to Belarusian Medical State University.

He showed an interest in the newest technology in orthodontic - the self-ligating system which offers low friction, less pain and fastest treatment and did a research in that in 2012 which has been published in many portals and medical journals.

He finished his specialization in 2012 then he passed the exam in orthodontic of the Ministry of health in KSA and UAE, in 2013 then he started to work in Sharjah since 2014 up to date. He passed the exam of Dubai health care city authority in orthodontic by result of 100/100 and started to work in 2019 there.

He became member of the European Orthodontic Society in 2019.

His view is to start the treatment in childhood period to avoid any complication after growth completion.

He is providing treatment in the following specialization:
-Removable Orthodontics.
-Ceramic braces (transparent).
-Self-ligating braces (fast orthodontic, without extraction).
-Lingual braces (invisible).
-Clear Aligner (totally transparent Orthodontics).
-TAD (orthodontics mini implants).
-Impacted teeth treatment
- Orthognatic associated cases

Dr. Aiman Obeid speaks Arabic and English.

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